About Us

The Seneca Group is a truly unique Third Party Administrator.  At The Seneca Group, we focus on specialized benefit programs designed to maximize the benefits dollars. We administer traditional self funded health plans, as well as a "Split Funded Health Plan".  Our self funded health plan includes a comprehensive medical and pharmacy benefit with full web access and a national network.  Our "Split Funded Health Plan" combines the benefits of a fully insured plan, with the flexibility of self insurance. The Split Funded Plan allows plan sponsors to have more control of their benefit program.

The Seneca Group understands and respects the broker-plan sponsor relationship, and we work together with the broker to develop a seamless benefit package in the best interest of the client.

As a licensed General Agent of United Healthcare, Perfect Health, Core Health Plan, and the Agelity Pharmacy program, The Seneca Group can truly support the broker with both the fully insured and self insured needs.